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Sue - New Patient & Scheduling Coordinator

Her genuine, gentle concern for your well-being will certainly make your dental visits more enjoyable and comfortable. Sue's cheerful smile will greet you when you enter our office, making all our patients feel right at home. Sue is always there for patients by phone, email or in person to answer questions and help everything run as smoothly as possible.

Amy - Registered Dental Hygienist

Our patients are constantly raving about how caring and gentle Amy is.  Amy has easily developed a loyal following of patients who routinely request appointments with her. She has a special way of making patients comfortable by addressing their unique concerns and wishes. Amy is also an expert in non-surgical gum therapy, implants, veneers and more, and she will willingly and patiently answer any questions you may have regarding treatment.

Natia - Dental Hygienist

We are lucky to have Natia as a part of our hygiene team. Since joining our practice, patients have quickly come to love her and frequently comment on her thorough and gentle manner. Her kind and fun demeanor will make your hygiene experience both educational and enjoyable. Natia is also an expert in Invisalign, in-office whitening and non-surgical gum therapy.

Camila - Dental Assistant

Camila is Dr. Botbol's right hand when it comes to dental treatment. She genuinely cares for each and every patient - and shows it through her dedication to ensuring that everything is taken care of before, during and after treatment. Her primary concern is that patients are comfortable and at ease. She loves making patients smile and enjoys helping them achieve dental work they are proud of.

Janet - Dental Assistant

Janet understands customer care and the importance of building relationships with our patients. Janet assists Dr. Botbol and Dr. Fung by making sure everything runs smoothly and all patient concerns are tended to. Her smile and happy disposition make her an asset to our team!

Caitlyn - Dental Assistant

Caitlyn is Dr. Fung's right hand when it comes to dental treatment. Caitlyn understands customer care and the importants of building relationships with our patients.

Brittany - Treatment Co-ordinator / Dental Assistant

Our likeable Brittany welcomes new patients and will guide you through your free consultation and assessment. She can help you with financial arrangements and will assist you in obtaining the maximum dental benefits available to you. As an expert dental assistant, she will also work with you on treatment plans and will present options that are affordable and tailored to your budget. Often times these can be arranged with very low and affordable interest rates, and on longer payment plans. 

Valerie - Office Consultant

Val started in dentistry over 20 years ago earning her CDA and PDA II. Val specializes in dental practice coaching and management. Her cheerful demeanor motivates our team members to be excited about their positions. Val also provides advice and guidance to our team on a regular basis. She uses her skills and experience to make sure every patient has a positive dental experience each time they visit our office.

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