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Four Fascinating Facts about Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

dental implant clinicWhen your teeth don’t look their best, you probably don’t feel your best. Numerous studies have shown that your smile is almost directly correlated to your level of confidence and the way others perceive you.

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming an increasingly popular way to restore the natural beauty of your smile. Over the last five years, there has been a 300% increase in demand for cosmetic dental procedures around the world. And whether you’re hoping to get whiter teeth or you need to visit a dental implant clinic, there is a solution available for you.

Here are four facts about cosmetic dentistry that might surprise you:

1. Veneers for teeth are a corrective solution to virtually any aesthetic issue you may have. Made from porcelain, veneers are thin covers for your teeth that look natural and also give added strength and resilience to your teeth. Veneers can conceal tooth discoloration, chipped teeth and noticeable gaps between teeth to give you a natural-looking and beautiful smile.

2. By visiting a dental implant clinic, you can receive consultation for whether or not dental implants might be a solution for you. A dental implant is a post of titanium that a dental implant specialist surgically places in your jaw at a dental implant clinic, which then attaches to an artificial tooth. Dental implant clinics provide a permanent solution to irreparably damaged or missing teeth.

3. With in-office whitening, a cosmetic dentist can whiten your teeth up to 10 shades in one hour-long sitting!

4. An implant from a dental implant clinic or a set of porcelain veneers can provide benefits besides improving your teeth’s appearance. You can improve your speech, comfort and oral health by visiting a cosmetic dentist or a dental implant clinic.

There’s no reason to wait to feel your most confident — visit a cosmetic dentist or dental implant specialist today!

Missing Teeth Poses Issues Beyond Cosmetic

dental implant speacialistWhen you are missing teeth or face significant tooth decay, seeking a dental implant specialist should be a top priority, considering that only about 20% of Canadian dentists perform dental implant procedures. Missing teeth can impact not only the health of your mouth and dental structure, but studies indicate tooth decay directly correlates with your heart health as well.

Given the average number of missing or decayed teeth per Canadian is an estimated 2.5 teeth, tooth health is a very pressing issue in our society. With only 73% of Canadians reporting that they brush their teeth at least once a day, it’s no wonder 2.26 million school days are lost in each Canadian school year due to dental related issues.

And in the event you do find yourself missing teeth and in need of a dental implant specialist, there is an 80% chance you will need to contact a dental implant clinic. Here they can not only perform the procedure to give you a full, healthy smile again, they can also go over your dental implant financing options and what exactly the dental implant process entails.

When you are missing a tooth, teeth adjacent to the vacancy have no counter and will lean toward the opening. Subsequently your teeth will lean and crowd. True dental implants give you a great looking smile with lasting results and a renewed sense of confidence. But what your dental implant specialist offers goes beyond just cosmetic dentistry. Also, the bacteria in the opening dissipates throughout your entire mouth, promoting not only decay in other teeth but a negative impact on your heart health as well.

So your dental implant specialist can do a lot more than give you confidence in your great smile. Filling gaps from missing teeth also protect other teeth in your mouth from from crowding and decay and protect your internal health from harmful bacteria in your mouth. This gives you a trifecta of reasons to do all you can to protect your teeth.

How to Find Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a little different from regular dentistry since the focus is more on making a person’s teeth look bright, white, and amazing.  Because of that, it’s not always covered by dental insurance.  If you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry that won’t cost you a lot of money, you will need to shop around and do some research.  Here are some ideas for ways of finding affordable cosmetic dentistry.

One of the best ways of finding out about great cosmetic dentists, and dentists in general, is to ask around.  Your friends and coworkers may be able to give you great recommendations, especially if they have had any cosmetic dentistry done recently.  They can often tell you a lot about the dentist and their office than any other source.  Be sure to ask how comfortable they were with the dentist and how professional he or she was.

You can also find affordable cosmetic dentists online.  There are some directories of dentists out there, but you can also do a general search for cosmetic dentists in your area.  Often, you’ll be able to find reviews and other information about each dentist.  While these reviews may not be as helpful as talking to a person in real life, some can be fairly detailed.  Just be aware that it can be hard to tell which reviews are honest and which were created to help get the dentist more work.

If you still like to use a phone book to look for dentists, that’s always an option.  While you may not find a listing of every cosmetic dentistry office in your area, you will find some options.  You can call them for more information or even drop by the office to pick up some information or to schedule a preliminary meeting with the dentist.

You may be able to find a good cosmetic dentist by looking on the list of dentists who will accept your insurance.  While it’s true some cosmetic dentistry isn’t covered, some may be.  Even if it’s not, you may find a good dentist who can help you with your regular dental work or can recommend a good cosmetic dentist.

Your family doctor may also be able to recommend a good dentist to help you with your cosmetic needs.  Again, he or she may not know of someone who focuses only on cosmetic dentistry, but they may know of a dentist who practices general dentistry and does cosmetic work.

Get the Best Dentist for your Implants

When you want to smile, eat or talk normally and comfortably after losing a tooth, you must go to the best Implant Dentist, Toronto.   Only a very good dentist should help you to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth, and will see to it that you maintain all teeth, whether original or prosthetic.  Dentists are now recommending implants as they are less troublesome than dentures and they tend to become so much a part of the natural body that patients will tend to forget that they have implants.


Implants are said to be the best gift a dentist can give you and Toronto dentists offer you only the very best in implant technology wherein the implants can be placed in your jaws in just one dental visit.  The dentist will ask you to wait for at least six months so that the titanium implants will bond with the teeth during the healing process.  They will also form a strong base for your prosthetics and will prevent the bone from deteriorating, as can be the case when teeth have fallen out.  However, it will be after six months that you will get your new teeth for the implants and in the meantime, you will have to wear temporary dentures.


When you look for an Implant Dentist, Toronto has many good well-qualified ones to offer.  You can safely put your teeth in the hands of an implant dentist or a team which might consist of a maxillofacial and a restorative dentist as well.  Together they will rebuild your face and bones so that you will look the way you want to look.  Go in for implants as they are better than the conventional bridges and are good value for your money. The success rate is also high and is the ultimate answer to replacing a missing tooth.

Working Dental Wonders on your Face

Whether it is just a very small maintenance or a major makeover, a Cosmetic Dentist in Toronto will be more than glad to take care of all your tooth-related needs.  Most people go in for cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of their teeth rather than the function.   You can correct chipped, cracked, dis-colored and stained teeth for a beautiful smile.  You can even bleach, bond, have crowns and veneers done along with reshaping and contouring teeth.  People might be afraid that these procedures might harm teeth and might miss out on the opportunity of improving their appearance.  The truth is that these procedures only improve the quality of your teeth and are safe.


A good cosmetic dentist in Toronto can answer all your questions and suggest the correct treatment for you depending upon your oral condition.  You can even ask the dentist to show you before and after photos of similar procedures for a better idea.  Modern dentistry has become painless and people can safely go in for aesthetic improvements without a qualm.  Also most procedures have been simplified or other easy solutions are available.  For example, cosmetic dentistry has seen actresses in the old days extracting and getting dentures for a captivating smile.  Today all that one needs is a simple veneer and no one will be ever the wiser.


The cost of cosmetic dentistry may be a bit high but the end result is worth it.  Sometimes it may take $500-900 for work done on one tooth but a little talk with your cosmetic dentist in Toronto will open your eyes to cheaper and more up to date options.  However, the work done will mostly be permanent, depending upon the procedure.  The most common cosmetic dental procedures are teeth whitening, veneers and bridges.  So look naturally beautiful with cosmetic dentistry.

From Edentulous to Euphoric – Thanks to All-On-4 Dental Implants

All on 4 Dental Implants are the perfect solution for edentulous patients and even for those who do not have the required bone volume for the customary implants.  The usual kind of implants will demand bone grafting before fixing implants and this is where all on 4 beats all other kinds of implants hands down. Although this is a relatively new kind of procedure, it has met with 98% success rate and has taken the world of dentistry by storm.  People are afraid of traditional implants as the procedure is complicated, time-consuming and costly.


With just one sitting you can get beautiful teeth with all on 4 Dental Implants.  Both jaws will get four permanent titanium implants each onto which the dentist then places a fixed set of natural looking teeth.   The procedure is done very fast and is guaranteed to be minimally invasive.  No one will ever know the difference as they look and feel like the real thing because the implants support a full prosthesis.  You can immediately use them and they will be as efficient as real teeth.  They will not slip like the traditional dentures and can last you for a lifetime.


Rest assured that this procedure is safe and comfortable, and is recommended for those with diabetes, osteoporosis and also for those who have health conditions which prevent the use of traditional implants.  They are easy to clean and maintain but that is not the reason why people prefer them.  People can have a complete set of new teeth within one or two hours for half the cost of a traditional procedure.  Traditional methods have been known to take several visits to the dentist and sometimes the person gets a new set of teeth after a year.  The all on 4 Dental Implants also help the patients by maintaining healthy jaws and will even prevent the bone from further deterioration.

Achieving Your Best Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

When you want to look your best, you need to have the best smile. One of the first things anyone notices about you is your smile. A smile is a sign of your confidence and overall personality. If you are afraid to smile big because of crooked or imperfect teeth, this can reflect on your whole demeanor. To help you achieve the best smile possible, you need to find the right cosmetic dentist in Toronto. For all your smile needs, Studio B Dental is just the place for you.

At Studio B Dental, we go out of our way to make you look great. Whether you need bonding, caps, invisible fillings, or other cosmetic work, we know how to deliver the bright smile that can change your life. We can give you a straight, clean, and beautiful smile that will leave people in awe at your confidence and attitude. With our state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding services, you’ll be smiling before you even see the new you.

Studio B Dental always strives to create a natural looking smile that feels clean and healthy. Our number one goal as a cosmetic dentist in Toronto is to make you feel great. We will consult with you and determine just how to give you the ideal smile for your face. We don’t just stop our services once your procedure is finished. Our comprehensive aftercare guarantees that your new smile will last for many years.

When you are ready to look and feel your best, contact Studio B Dental for the best cosmetic dentistry Toronto has to offer. Our compassionate team is looking forward to helping you find a more confident and more beautiful you. With your new smile, you will shine for many years to come, and you’ll be surprised at the difference it will make in your life.

Are Straight Teeth Better Teeth?

Every time we look at a magazine, watch television, or see an advertisement we are shown beautiful people that all have perfect straight teeth. Straight teeth, has become one of the many things we now use to define beauty. Are straight teeth beautiful? Or is it relative to the person answering that question? Anyway you look at it, there is always one question that manages to come up. Is it actually better to have straight teeth or is it just for aesthetic reasons?

Most things are relative, especially when it comes to our appearance. Things like our culture, the society we live in and our own personal preferences influence what we like and what we think looks nice. If we threw all those things out the window and just focused on whether or not there were actual health benefits for straight teeth we would learn that there are. Straight teeth actually helps to give you healthier teeth.

Possible Problems

Teeth that are normally crooked, crowded, have an over or under bite can actually lead to more dental problems. Teeth that are crooked or pointed in irregular directions can result in more fractures. Crowded teeth that are jammed together can make it difficult to brush or floss in between each tooth well enough to remove plaque. If it’s harder to remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth then the chance of getting cavities, gingivitis and other dental problems are increased. Although having straight teeth can help enhance your smile it is also incredibly important when it comes to the functionality of your jaw. If you have an over or under bite problems may arise around your jaw joints because those may become out of alignment as well. Your jaw may feel tight, sore or uncomfortable if it is not set right. The process of getting straight teeth works to align your teeth which works to align the jaw. You may also experience gum irritation or uneven wearing because of the irregular spacing or placement. All these things can cause problems down the road.

As you can see, there are problems associated with having teeth that aren’t straight. It is not all for looks and aesthetic purposes. The process of achieving straight teeth or already having straight teeth can work with you in regards to your dental care instead of against you. Although it might not be on the top of your list of health priorities, problems with your teeth can lead to other problems that are a lot more serious. If teeth are not properly taken care simple problems like gingivitis and normal tooth decay that can be easily fixed can develop into serious issues like gum disease.

Straight Teeth Benefits

Even though straight teeth is associated with beauty, there are many benefits and reason’s that aren’t all cosmetic related for fixing crowded or irregular spaced teeth. Besides all the health benefits, having straight teeth also does a number of things for your confidence. You may feel more incline to talk with others, smile in pictures, laugh openly in public and that is something everyone should feel comfortable doing. Even the process of getting straight teeth is simple now because of the various ways you can go about it. All in all, straight teeth are better teeth because they help you get healthy teeth, and the healthier your teeth are the better everything else is.

Victoria Cairo is a blogger for Greenspoint Dental in Houston, Texas. She loves healthy living habits and things that make people happy.

What Does Your Smile Say About You?

Your smile can say a lot about your personality. The shape and size of your smile can determine every facet of your life. When you smile at others, you are signaling that you are at ease with yourself and at ease with other people.

The moment you meet someone new, you immediately start assessing them. You being to make assumptions about their personality based on their physical characteristics. Some cosmetic dentists say celebrities and politicians use their smiles to shape the way the public views them.

It’s All In The Eyes

Many people look at the mouth to judge what kind of mood someone is in. People smile for all sorts of reasons:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Embarrassment
  • Confusion
  • To deceive

However, it is your eyes that give away the real emotion behind your smile.  The muscles around your eyes can’t be forced to look happy. When a person is genuinely smiling, their cheek bones rise causing the skin around their eyes to wrinkle.

A Smile Makes You Look Successful

When you smile, you are exuding confidence and professionalism. People who have a positive outlook on life are more open and flexible to change. Those who don’t smile tend to be withdrawn and more pessimistic.

There are lifetime benefits from smiling. A study that followed women around for 30 years found that those who genuinely smiled in their yearbook photos went on to have successful marriages and were happier overall. If you’re not in the best mood, just try smiling and you will automatically start feeling happier.

There are even certain types of smiles that can help reveal a person’s personality.

The Sincere Smile

Smiles are contagious. It’s almost impossible to not return a smile when someone smiles at you, especially when that person’s eyes are smiling too. When someone’s eyes are smiling, they have crinkly lines around them. These lines are big indicators whether your smile is sincere or not. A genuine smile says that you are a warm, trustworthy, non judgemental person and that you are approachable.

The Fake Smile

You can tell when someone is being insincere when their only smiling with their teeth and not their eyes. When a person’s eyes are flat when they are smiling, they are probably suppressing their true feelings.

The Inviting Smile

When someone makes direct eye contact with you while they’re smiling, it is often an invitation for conversation.

The Shy Smile

This is the closed-mouth smile where your mouth turns up at the corners. This usually means the person is timid and needs help breaking out of their shell.

Smile Anxiety

People who have chipped, stained, or missing teeth tend to avoid smiling, as it unveils all of your teeth. If you try to cover up your smile, you may be holding yourself back more than you realize. You won’t be as happy and successful as you could be if you’re always self conscious about your teeth. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to talk about your concerns. Many dental issues can be solved in a small amount of time.

There are so many positive things that come from smiling that there is no reason not to!

Trisha Banks is a blogger for Lakeway Center for Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Lakeway, Texas. She wanted to know if a person’s smile reveals their personality.

Five Amazing Technologies Changing The Dental Industry

Every year the technologies that exist in the field of dentistry become more and more impressive. In many cases the scary metal tools and invasive procedures that we had to undergo in our youths have been replaced by much more comforting and amazing technologies that have altered dentistry greatly — oftentimes, reducing treatment times, discomfort and pain. Below are just a few of the amazing gadgets and technologies that are working to change the dental industry for the better:

Laser Dentistry

Lasers aren’t just for science fiction movies and eye surgeries like LASIK any more. Rather, lasers are emerging as one of the really cool technologies that are shifting the dental industry. In laser dentistry, traditional tools and methods are eschewed in favor of the utilization of a highly focused beam of light as a tool to treat dental issues. Though it may sound like science fiction, lasers can perform a variety of different functions in dentistry including cutting away damaged or infected tissue, engaging bleaching agents on teeth, as well as detecting and filling cavities. Lasers in dentistry also have a great number of benefits including faster healing times, more precision and less invasive procedures for patients.

Cloud Computing

Though not so much a cool dental gadget as much as a cool technology regardless of the field, cloud computing is definitely the future for most businesses. In the healthcare profession, cloud computing is going to help make treatment much more efficient for all healthcare professionals while eliminating all that annoying paperwork for you. Though we’re not quite there yet, cloud computing is going to allow for the sharing of information between all your doctors, dentists, surgeons and other healthcare professionals. This will make treatment easier and allow for a consolidated file on your overall health easily transferrable and modifiable by all of those who treat you, overall enhancing the quality of care for patients. Already cloud computing is making access to medical records incredibly, quick, cheap and secure for healthcare offices.

CAD/CAM Dentistry

CAD/CAM, which are short for Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Manufacturing, are a technology in dentistry that is becoming increasingly more mobile. This technology in question allows for the quick “chairside” creation of many custom-fitting dental treatments such as veneers, crowns, implants and fixed bridges. Though first pioneered a few decades ago, early CAD/CAM technology required molds of teeth to be sent to laboratories for computer processing and manufacturing of custom-made dental appliances such as those listed above. As this technology has progressed, it has grown cheaper and much more accessible in-office for many dental professionals. In these scenarios, patients can now receive treatments for custom-made prosthetics in a single appointment that may have taken two, three or more appointments in the past. As this technology becomes more commonplace in your dentist’s office, treatment times are going to become more effective, quick and cheap for you and your family.

New Cosmetic Dentistry Technologies

Again, these technologies don’t exactly roll off the tongue or don’t seem super sleek and nifty when placed next to an iPad mini, but they have meaningful impacts on the health and appearance of our teeth. In the past decade or so, new technologies for cosmetic dentistry are beginning to replace the inefficiency and aesthetic unattractiveness of old technologies. For example, in the past, if you wanted straighter teeth you’d have to invest in metal braces for at least two years. Now, technologies such as Invisalign make teeth straightening an invisible and much quicker process than traditional means of orthodontic treatment. Likewise, other treatments such as Zoom! Whitening allow the most effective, prescription whitening treatments to be done at home — something that previously would have been limited to much weaker, over the counter options. In all, our cosmetic dentistry procedures are becoming quicker, more efficient and less visible to the public eye.

Dental Implants

Though dental implants are a few decades old, most people had never heard of the procedure ten or even five years ago. Every year, dental implants are becoming a more affordable option for patients who have suffered from tooth loss or severe tooth damage. Though treatments of yore such as fixed bridges and dentures have long been used to solve problems of permanent tooth loss, they have many limitations, such as difficulty in maintenance and the need for replacement. By contrast, dental implants are essentially replacement teeth and function as such. Likewise, unlike fixed bridges, which are the most common tooth replacement technology, they function exactly like real teeth, meaning that you don’t have to use floss threaders or other contraptions to care properly for your teeth. Furthermore, dental implants are seen as great contributions to the quality of life of those who have lost permanent teeth. In the future, we can expect to see this great technology become the industry standard for permanent tooth loss.

Olivia Lin writes for Lifetime Smiles Dentistry, an Austin-based dental practice. Olivia thinks new dental technology is really interesting.