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Zirconia Dental Implants – Is Ceramic Better Than Metal?

If you’re looking to replace a tooth, one option is to get a Zirconia implant.  But not all Zirconia implants are the same.  You may have the option of getting a ceramic implant or a metal implant.  While both provide you with a great looking fake tooth that is stable, strong, and looks just like a real tooth, there are a few reasons why you might want to get a ceramic Zirconia implant instead of a metal one.

One of the biggest reasons why many people opt for ceramic instead of metal is that some people are allergic to metal.  Metal implants are simply not an option for them, so they have to go with ceramic Zirconia implants.

Ceramic Zirconia implants are also seen as being more holistic.  There’s no need to have metal implanted into your mouth, which some people consider to be unnatural or strange.  They’re more comfortable with ceramic Zirconia because it seems like a more natural method of installing implants.

Some people don’t like the idea of having shiny metal implants in their mouth, even if they’re not really easy to see.  Ceramic Zirconia implants are much harder to see since they’re white and much closer to the color of natural teeth.  There’s no dark metal line up near the gums.  If you’re worried about how your implants will look, ceramic is the better option.

One thing to note is that there are different types of ceramics.  Ceramic Zirconia dental implants are among the strongest types of implants, and the process used to create them has been perfected over the years since it was first pioneered in the 1980s.  Today’s ceramic Zirconia implants are made from high quality materials and are very durable and strong.

Installing any type of Zirconia dental implant is quick and fairly easy.  They can be immediately placed followed a tooth extraction, so you don’t have to go a week or more with a gaping hole in your mouth.  This also means there’s a shorter recovery time.  You won’t be in pain for as long since everything is done at once, and the surgery is only minimally invasive.  Another advantage is that you only have to have one dental surgery, so it’s cheaper.  There are often different financing options, too, so you don’t have to stress over paying for it all at once.

Zirconia Implants: Confidently Show Your Metal-Free Smile

Zirconia is the newest advance in dentistry in terms of metal-free implants and dental work. The most commonly used implants require metal rods to be inserted into the gums and jawbone. Some types of veneer and artificial teeth are made of metal and simply coated and painted to resemble regular teeth. Metal-free dental implants have several benefits:

  • Zirconia is becoming so popular as an implant material because it doesn’t have the side effect risks of metal implants.  It interacts very well with the body’s gum tissue and bone structure, thus making it completely biocompatible- something no metal implant can claim.
  • Metal-free implants are a more holistic option that avoids a lot of artificial materials and ‘junk’ being put into the body. These implants are a great option that is available for patients who are interested in  a holistic treatment approach that supports total body health.
  • For cosmetic and aesthetic reasons, Zirconia is a better choice for dental implants. Typical titanium dental implants can lead to the development of a dark line around the gum as well as other discolorations of the gums and the implants themselves. Zirconia is more natural in color, thus eliminating this effect.
  • On the side of dental care that includes dental hygiene, Zirconia is a favorite of many dentists. This is because Zironia implants slow down the buildup of plaque and do not promote the development of tartar – something the standard titanium implants cannot claim. Ultimately, this  means less risk of gum disease and other gum and mouth issues in the future.

Because holistic dentistry is continuing to grow in popularity as more and more people seek a more natural approach to dental care, metal-free treatments like Zirconia implants are continuing to grow in popularity. For patients who suffer from sensitivity to titanium, metal-free dental implants offer an alternative. If you want to find out more about what Zirconia implants can do for you, contact us today at Studio B Dental.