Do All On Four Dental Implants Give Better Results Than Traditional Implants?

If you have lost teeth in an accident or for any other reason, one option is to have All On Four dental implants installed.  These implants look just like real teeth, and unlike dentures, you never have to remove them.  All on Four dental implants use the latest in implant technology to give patients a new set of permanent teeth that look natural, can’t fall out, and are completely comfortable.  They also have a number of advantages over traditional implants.

The biggest advantage is that All on Four implants is that only four implants are needed for the entire arch of inserted teeth.  This is because two of the implants are actually slightly angled, which means the dentist can use longer implant posts.  This provides the same type of support and durability a patient would get from traditional implants.  Once installed, there’s very little left to do.  Patients shouldn’t feel any pain from the implants, nor will their new teeth feel awkward or weak.

Another great result that comes from getting All on Four implants instead of traditional implants is that the recovery time is usually faster.  All of the dental surgery can be completed on the same day.  With traditional implants, it could take eight or more individual implantations in order to replace an entire arch of teeth.  This would cost more than an All on Four procedure, and it means more hardware is placed in the patient’s mouth.  Some people may be nervous about having so many implant posts drilled into their jaw, and the idea of only needing four per arch can help calm some of their fears about implants.

All on Four implants also don’t require the patient’s jaw bone to be as strong.  With traditional implants, the jawbone has to be able to support multiple implant posts, and often, the dentist has to do a bone graft before installing the implants to give the jaw the extra strength it needs.  This graft will add to the cost and recovery time.

While not everyone is a good candidate for All on Four dental implants, for those who are in need of implants, it’s definitely a method that should be discussed with a dentist.  The cheaper cost, faster recovery time, and the fewer dental surgeries all make All on Four implants a much better option than traditional implants.

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