How Dental Implants Can Make You Live Longer

Many people want to get dental implants for the very obvious reasons.  They make your teeth look better, and they make it much less painful to eat if you have broken and cracked teeth.  You will have a brilliant smile, and you can be confident that people won’t be immediately be staring at your bad teeth.  But there’s another reason why you might want to get dental implants, and it’s one that’s not immediately obvious: dental implants can actually make you live longer.

How exactly does this happen?  According to research, people who have implants or still have all of their natural teeth actually live seven to ten years longer than those who have broken teeth or no teeth at all.  That even includes those who have dentures!  For some reason, it appears that people who have missing or broken teeth or use dentures are missing out on some specific nutrients that those who have all of their teeth or have implants get.  The research on this is still fairly new, and there’s no conclusive evidence to suggest why people aren’t getting these nutrients.  However, the common factor is the presence of implants or all natural teeth.

Of course, having dental implants also helps you live longer in a number of other ways.  You won’t have to worry about the pain of having broken teeth or that infection will set in to one of your cracked teeth.  This pain or possibility of major infection can certainly take a toll on someone.  An infection could even lead to an abscessed tooth, which can result in many serious issues.  By getting implants, you help avoid this possible infection.

Another way dental implants may help you live longer cannot be measured, but it has been proven that dental implants give people more confidence.  People who are confident and happy are much more likely to live longer.  People with missing or broken teeth may eventually become depressed about their appearance, leading to what more or less amounts to a lack of desire to exercise, go out, or do things that may make them happy.  This can lead to severe depression and even thoughts of suicide.

If you have missing or decayed teeth and want to feel better about yourself, ask your dentist about dental implants.  If these studies are correct, you may even be extending your life by as much as ten years simply by getting implants.

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