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Dr. Charles Botbol and Associates runs an eco-friendly office. Here are some of the ways we are staying "green":

At Dr. Charles Botbol & Associates, we believe in reducing waste and lessening our impact on the environment, both at work as well as at home. We need to think of our childrens' future! There are many different ways we can make a difference, and we have started the process of becoming a "paperless" office. This means that all of our existing patient's charts will systematically be digitized and all new records will be digitally recorded. This was also an excellent opportunity for us to change over to digital photos and x-rays. Although we had changed to high-speed x-ray films in the past in order to significantly reduce our patient's exposure to radiation, digital x-rays convey an even lower dosage, not to mention that they eliminate the use of toxic developing chemicals and produce much less plastic waste of the films themselves. Aside from these ecological benefits, we can easily send our patient's x-rays to other specialist's offices and insurance companies through a secure data transfer system, reducing paper waste and saving time. Be assured that all of your personal information is kept secure by us, as it always has been in the past. If you, too, would like to help lessen our paper use, notify us so that you can be contacted via email for appointments or confirmations.
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