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We Are One Of The 1st North American Providers of Ceraroot Zirconia Metal-Free Implants, The Only Health Canada Approved Ceramic Implant.

Questions about Zirconia Implants in Toronto

Are you allergic or sensitive to metal?
Are you looking for a more natural solution for missing teeth?
Are you looking for the efficient and convenient way to replace missing teeth?

100% Metal Free Tooth Replacement is now possible with CeraRoot Zirconia Dental Implants!

Simple Surgery – immediate placement following extractions, all in one convenient location, our Toronto offices.

  • Convenience – immediate function with a short and minimally painful recovery time
  • State of the Art Technology – minimally invasive techniques that replace missing teeth with teeth that look and feel like natural
  • Affordable – flexible payment and financing options available
  • Professionalism and Expertise – over 30 years of combined experience, including on site specialists and anesthesiologist
  • Personalized treatment – exceptional customer service, efficiency, and high quality care          

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