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Dreading that Next Visit to the Dentist? Here’s Why Sedation Dentistry Might Be Right for You

Why do many people hate going to the dentist?  Why are root canals so scary?  One of the biggest answers to all of this is the pain.  No one wants to willingly let anyone cause them to hurt, especially in a sensitive area like their mouth.  However, a new type of dentistry may help alleviate some of that fear.  Sedation dentistry when done by a certified anesthesiologist helps remove pain from the procedure.  This makes it less frightening, especially for those who haven’t had dental surgery before or who have a major fear of dentists.

There are four different types of sedation dentistry.  The main difference is in the form of sedation.  Many people know of laughing gas, or nitrous oxide.  This is the most common type of sedation dentistry.  It’s a light form of anesthetic, and it wears off fairly quickly.  It’s not the best type of sedation for a long-term dental surgery, though.  For that, your dentist may want to use oral sedation, which involves taking several small pills.  If you opt for the pills, you may be too groggy to drive yourself home.

There are two more powerful types of sedation, and both are supervised by a board certified doctor or anesthesiologist.  The first is IV conscious sedation, which involves having an IV put in.  You won’t remember any part of the treatment, and you’ll be very relaxed during the entire process.  You may also be put under a general anesthesia, especially if all of your dental surgery will be done at once.  General anesthesia will completely know you out.  You won’t remember or feel anything.

Being sedated while undergoing a dental procedure, especially one that involves surgery, is a good option for many patients.  Your dentist will almost always recommend at least nitrous oxide for any procedure that’s going to involve pain.  If you’re going to have teeth removed, you may need to go with one of the stronger options.  There are very few downsides, especially if the anesthesia is being monitored by a board certified anesthesiologist.

If you need any sort of dental surgical procedure, talk to your dentist about your anesthetic options.  Knowing that you don’t have to go through a lot of pain may help you overcome some of your anxiety about having a dental procedure.

Dental Procedure – Importance of Sedation

During dental procedures, it is important for the patient to be relaxed and comfortable, which is what Sedation Dentistry Toronto is all about. You can find some of the best dentists in Toronto who are up-to-date with all the latest techniques of sedation and who keep the care and well-being of the patient foremost in their treatments.  Sedation will remove the anxiety factor from dental procedures and many times the patient will not even be able to recall the procedure even though a level of consciousness will be maintained throughout the procedure.  It is ideal for everyone and especially for those who avoid going to the dentist for fear of pain and discomfort – which is around 50% of the population.


The patient is administered either Nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or a combination of both depending upon the need of the patient. Sedation methods also include light or deep intravenous and even general anaesthesia.  Dentists prefer to sedate their patients for safety reasons as well.  The recovery time for patients is also shorter and many can resume normal life including going for work the very next day.  Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) keeps the patient in a euphoric state with hardly any anxiety during the procedure and they are able to endure the procedure which might have otherwise proved to be nerve-wracking.


When people learn that dental procedures can be pleasant and relaxing, their trips to the dentist will also increase and thus, they will take better care of their teeth.  So there is no doubt that Sedation Dentistry Toronto is the answer for the maintenance for your oral hygiene.  It is very important to have healthy gums as infected gums have been linked with heart disease.  Just the fact that regular visits to the dentist can avoid bad teeth and related problems should be a motivating factor for people to visit the dentist, especially when more and more dentists are recommending sedation.