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New Smile. One Day.

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Same-Day NO-PREP Resin Veneers™️ Centre, Toronto

Get your dream smile in 1 Visit with SAME-DAY-NO PREP RESIN  VENEERS


  • Visit 1 -  Dr. B. Exam + Digital Scan to create your 3-D NO-PREP VENEERS™️ Blueprint
  • 24 Hours Later  - 3-D NO-PREP VENEERS™️ Blueprint is Ready 
  • 24 Hours Later THE BIG DAY!  - Placement of your 3-D Printed Resin Veneers - 2 Hour Appointment
  • BITE GUARD scan - if time permits, Dr. B will do a scan for your bite guard which will be given to you at a subsequent visit

THE FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENT: 1-3 weeks Later. Your restorations may be reviewed, and any minor adjustments to the bite and contour will be performed. We will also give you your bite guard at this appointment or take impressions to make one if there was not enough time at the last appointment.

Benefits of Same-Day NO-PREP Veneers™️ 

1. **Preserve Your Natural Teeth:** Our Same-Day NO-PREP Veneers™️ procedure ensures little to no removal of your natural tooth structure, keeping your teeth intact and healthy.


2. **Effortlessly Efficient:** This procedure can be completed in just one day, making it quick and easy. Our Same-Day NO-PREP Veneers™️ require no shots, no drilling, and are pain-free.


3. **Immediate Results:** Achieve an instantly improved smile with our NO-PREP Veneers™️. You can leave our office with a brand new smile in just one visit.


4. **Natural Aesthetic:** Our Same-Day NO-PREP Veneers™️ are designed to replicate the light-reflective properties of natural teeth. They are tailored to match your tooth color and shape, providing a naturally radiant smile.


5. **Durable and Long-Lasting:** Despite the quick application process, our Same-Day NO-PREP Veneers™️ are made from durable porcelain and can last for many years with appropriate care.


6. **Keep Sensitivity Intact:** By allowing for minimal removal of tooth structure, our Same-Day NO-PREP Veneers™️ often maintain your natural tooth sensitivity.


7. **Reversibility:** In case you ever decide to revert, our Same-Day NO-PREP Veneer™️ procedure is potentially reversible because it requires no or minimal tooth structure removal.


8. **All-In-One Solution:** Our Same-Day NO-PREP Veneers™️ can fix various dental issues simultaneously, like discoloration, minor misalignments, chips, or gaps, offering a comprehensive smile makeover.


9. **Boost Self-Confidence:** Experience an immediate boost in self-esteem with your improved smile, all achieved within a single day.


10. **Maintenance Made Easy:** Just as with natural teeth, our NO-PREP Veneers™️ require regular brushing, flossing, and routine dentist check-ups. No special care is required, making them a convenient solution for busy individuals.

Rejuvenate your smile with minimal recovery time at Toronto’s SAME-DAY-NO PREP VENEERS™️ CENTRE



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