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Same-Day Veneers™️  PORCELAIN  No-Prep or Minimally Invasive Prep

Get your dream smile in 1 Visit 


Rejuvenate your smile with minimal recovery time !


  1. Initial Consultation - 20 minutes virtual or in office
  2. Examination with Dr B - 90 minutes at Studio B Dental Location
  • Examination, Photos and X-Rays for Dr. B to plan your new smile
  • Digital Scan to create your CUSTOM Same-Day Veneer™️ Blueprint
  • Dr. B will review this data privately before your next visit to finalize the plan for your dream smile
    1. Review of Findings - discuss treatment options, time frames and financial options.



  • REVIEW the plan for the day, anaesthetic, SHAPING of the teeth and digital scan
  • make temporaries based on YOUR CUSTOM Same-Day Veneer™️ Blueprint , assess & adjust the temporaries, photos and digital scan of the temporaries
  • Export the scan to our Digital SMILE DESIGNER IN CALIFORNIA to put quick finishing touches on your new smile prior to MAKING YOUR CUSTOM RESTORATIONS


  • 3-D FABRICATION of your restorations and placed in porcelain oven for a briliant glaze and polish
  • FINAL PLACEMENT of your new restorations - Dr. B will remove the temporaries try in the restorations and assess for fit, shape and contour prior to bonding permanently
  • BITE GUARD scan -if time permits Dr. B will do a scan for your bite guard which will be given to you at a subsequent visit

THE FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENT : 1-3 weeks Later. Your restorations may be reviewed, and any minor adjustments to the bite and contour will be performed. We will also give you your bite guard at this appointment or take impressions to make one If there was not enough time at the last appointment.



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