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Appointment Options for New Patients

Option 1: Meet with Dr. B

* MOST POPULAR  - 30 minutes in office

  •  Photos for Dr. B to assess and plan your new smile
  • Dr. B and his expert Treatment Coordinator will listen to your concerns
  • See similar cases to yours, by Dr. B
  • Investment: $100 CREDITED towards YOUR FUTURE TREATMENT


Option 2:  New Patient Exam

* BEST option to FastTrack into treatment

  • Visit 1 - 90 mins - Comprehensive exam, x-rays and photos by Dr. B. “Like a physical, from the neck up”
  • Dr. B will review this data privately before your next visit to create treatment & financial options 
  • Visit 2- 30 mins (1-7-days Later) - Review of treatment & financial options with Dr. B and his Treatment Coordinator
  • Investment: $495


Option 3:  Virtual or In-office Complimentary Screening | 2nd Opinion - 30 minutes

  • Photos, Office Tour & Meet our Team & Dr. B
  • Dr. B's expert Treatment Coordinator will listen to your concerns
  • See similar cases to yours, by Dr. B
  • Investment: Complimentary

Option 4:  Initial Hygiene & Oral Cancer Screening  - New Patient Special - 50 minutes

  • Doctor Exam, Oral Cancer Screening & Cavity Detecting X- rays
  • Teeth Cleaning, Flossing & Polishing 
  • Oral Hygiene Instruction

Investment: $200


Option 5:  Emergency | Comfort Appointment - 30 mins

  • The Doctor will get you comfortable and create a plan for treatment
  • Priority: Efficient and effective treatment
  • Immediate treatment or quick booking upon contacting emergency line or clinic referral
  • Quicker treatment leads to easier problem resolution and less damage to teeth and mouth
  • Records sent directly to your dentist if you have one
  • Emergency treatment available even if you don't have a dentist


01205 - $100 - $180 - Emergency Examination

02111 - $38 - periapical ( root ) xray - if needed

02141 - $38 - Bitewing ( cavity detecting X-ray ) - if needed 

02601 - $77 Panoramic X-ray - if needed


New Patient Consultation & Evaluation

If it has been a long time since you have been to a dentist or you are considering joining our dental family, we highly recommend that you join our practice beginning with our very popular New Patient Consultation and Evaluation. This appointment establishes an essential foundation for our relationship with you by allowing us to evaluate your complete oral health and smile. The appointment will be approximately 30 minutes and will include the following:

  • Complete dental and medical history review
  • Discussion of any specific concerns and future goals
  • Low dose radiation digital x-rays (up to 90% less than traditional x-rays)
  • Clinical evaluation of your gums, teeth and smile

Once all this information is collected we will review findings and together, create a plan that addresses your concerns and fits into your budget and schedule. By understanding the options that are available, you can make a more informed decision on your oral care. Whether you do all the recommended treatment, some of it or none at all, the choice is yours. We will discuss the pros and cons of all your treatment options. We will give you the flexibility to choose the options that best meet your needs and we will ensure that we help you maximize your dental benefits. This meeting is a baseline for future comparisons and is the basis for a lifetime master plan of oral wellness.


Cosmetic or New Patient Consultation

At this brief meeting we will carefully listen to your smile concerns. Our meeting will include a quick but important exam, a review of Dr. Botbol's "smile makeover" cases, as well as a discussion of your treatment goals and options. If requested, we will provide a fee estimate and review financing options as well as time needed to start and finish treatment.

"I'm Not Sure if I'm Ready to Switch Dentists"

The dental team at Dr. Botbol's understands the anxiety many people have about finding a new dental home and trusting them to work in their mouth. Dr. Botbol and his team are highly experience individuals who care for patients with all types of dental problems. To assist you in choosing the right dentist, Dr. Botbol invites you for a initial consultation so you can come tour our office, meet our wonderful team, ask questions and see if its right for you without any obligation or cost.

Call Studio B Dental today 416-226-2000 or fill out our quick contact form and begin your journey of achieving the smile of your dreams and one of our experienced Studio B Dental team members will contact you shortly!

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