Missing Teeth Poses Issues Beyond Cosmetic

dental implant speacialistWhen you are missing teeth or face significant tooth decay, seeking a dental implant specialist should be a top priority, considering that only about 20% of Canadian dentists perform dental implant procedures. Missing teeth can impact not only the health of your mouth and dental structure, but studies indicate tooth decay directly correlates with your heart health as well.

Given the average number of missing or decayed teeth per Canadian is an estimated 2.5 teeth, tooth health is a very pressing issue in our society. With only 73% of Canadians reporting that they brush their teeth at least once a day, it’s no wonder 2.26 million school days are lost in each Canadian school year due to dental related issues.

And in the event you do find yourself missing teeth and in need of a dental implant specialist, there is an 80% chance you will need to contact a dental implant clinic. Here they can not only perform the procedure to give you a full, healthy smile again, they can also go over your dental implant financing options and what exactly the dental implant process entails.

When you are missing a tooth, teeth adjacent to the vacancy have no counter and will lean toward the opening. Subsequently your teeth will lean and crowd. True dental implants give you a great looking smile with lasting results and a renewed sense of confidence. But what your dental implant specialist offers goes beyond just cosmetic dentistry. Also, the bacteria in the opening dissipates throughout your entire mouth, promoting not only decay in other teeth but a negative impact on your heart health as well.

So your dental implant specialist can do a lot more than give you confidence in your great smile. Filling gaps from missing teeth also protect other teeth in your mouth from from crowding and decay and protect your internal health from harmful bacteria in your mouth. This gives you a trifecta of reasons to do all you can to protect your teeth.

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