Dental Bonding Toronto

What Could be the Advantages of Dental Bonding Toronto?

Dental bonding is a multi-layered, trouble-free and low-cost dental treatment procedure. Dental bonding is used to repair broken, chipped, cracked and decayed teeth, to fix or close the unappealing spaces between teeth, to change the color of discolored or stained teeth like teeth whitening, to fill up cavities, to change the shape and size of teeth, to shield a segment of teeth's root that has been out in the open due to receded gums and it is also used as cosmetic dentistry Toronto substitute procedure that is temporary change of dental defects and correcting them. A single tooth bonding can be done in a single visit to the dental bonding Toronto specialist; however complex treatments or more than one tooth bonding may require many visits. Dental bonding improves the look of your teeth remarkably. It has an advantage over crowns and other restoration procedures that less amount of tooth enamel is detached.

A bonding process is done by a dental bonding Toronto specialist in his clinic. Bonding is done by faintly etching the surface area, after that plastic resin composite is applied on to the tooth and trimmed. When the liquid sets, it is completed with the application of another layer of bonding liquid and then sculpted into the desired shape, smoothed by trimming the undesired edges and polished to match the natural look of the other neighboring teeth. As in comparison to the natural tooth enamel, the bonding material is not strong enough. It lasts from 3 years up to maximum 10 years, but after that it has to be replaced by new bonding material. In the meanwhile, if you find any breakage or sharp edges on your teeth (that have been bonded) you must visit your dentist in Toronto specialist.

The bonding material is almost the color of teeth so as to avoid you to have an unnatural look. There are two types of dental bonding: direct composite bonding and adhesive bonding. In direct composite bonding, an enamel like composite or resin is placed matching your tooth color which is then sculpted, shaped and after that another layer of resin is placed and trimmed again in the same manner. A finish is applied to complete the procedure to avoid you from tooth sensitivity and dislodging. Adhesive bonding is generally used to secure restorations, bridges, porcelain veneer and crowns. In this process, an adhesive is placed in the restoration along with high intensity light (for curing) that hardens the adhesive. Patients may experience short termed sensitivity after adhesive bonding procedure. If this condition persists, make sure to notify your dental bonding Toronto specialist. Dental bonding Toronto cost depends upon the training, experience and location of a dentist. The cost for the course of treatment count on the fee and charges, what your dentist apply. An expected expenditure on the dental bonding Toronto procedure ranges approximately from $100 up to $500 for each tooth per visit.

Restored tooth does not require extra treatment and special care. Regularly brush your teeth twice a day. However, the material is stain resistant but if you notice any stain on your teeth, they can easily be removed by regular dental cleaning.

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