Computerized Local Anesthesia

Single Tooth Anesthesia - Computerized Local Anesthesia

Dr. Botbol enjoys uses technology to ensures your comfort during any dental procedure. One of the greatest apprehensions about going to the dentist is the freezing shot. Discomfort from a dental shot is mostly due to the feeling of pressure created by the flow of anesthetic. A computer controlled injection system called STA (Single Tooth Anasthesia) or The Wand can greatly relieve this discomfort. This device does not look like a traditional syringe, so the patient's initial apprehension is minimized.

The flow of the anesthetic is foot-controlled leaving the thumb free to help carefully insert the anesthetic. It can also be positioned more accurately and has a controlled anesthetic flow rate. This system provides quicker numbing of the teeth, without the usual numbness of the tongue, lips, and face. This computer controlled anesthetic delivery system also eliminates that "fat face feeling" that can last for hours. Dr. Botbol gives his patients his highest quality of dental care, and can deliver these virtually painless injections with this revolutionary device.

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