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Many patients are nervous even at the sight of a needle or syringe but Dr. Botbol, known for his virtually pain-free injections and incredibly soft touch. One way he alleviates anxiety for patients is by using local anesthesia. The Wand is a small, pen-like hand piece that is connected to a computer controlled system which delivers anesthetic in a way that is comfortable and non-frightening for patients. 

By delivering local anesthetic at a slow and controlled rate, The Wand removes the stinging effect and discomfort that traditional, rapid injection produces. The Wand can be used for a wide variety of routine dental treatments including implants, root canals, fillings, and even cleanings. Patients looking into sleep denistry Vaughan Dentists offer (or other areas) can take advantage of our free screening as well. 

Sleep Dentistry: Toronto Dentists That Avoid Pain

Due to The Wand’s precision, unnecessary numbness is generally avoided and patients frequently report that they leave the dental office following their appointment without that fat lip, cheek or tongue feeling associated with traditional injections. Dr. Botbol is an expert at administering local anesthesia in a way that is most comfortable and easy for patients. Experience this revolutionary improvement in the delivery of local anesthesia at Studio B Dental.com.


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