Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide - Toronto DentistryNitrous Oxide is commonly known as "Laughing Gas". It is one of the safest anti-anxiety agents available in the dental office It can produce relaxation and a mild sedated stale for anxious dental patients. It can be used for all cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry procedures. It is available for our hygiene visits also. Nitrous oxide is non-allergenic and its effects are completely reversible within a couple of minutes. This ease of reversal in its effects allows you to drive home safely or go to work immediately after your dental visit.

Most patients are candidates for nitrous oxide therapy. The depth of relaxation can be adjusted depending on your level of anxiety. Nitrous also will reduce the gag reflex and excessive saliva flow. This is a big help for many patients getting impressions for tooth bleaching or teeth whitening. The addition of our headphones for TV or satellite radio can add another level of relaxation while we complete your dentistry. Providing excellent care in a safe and comfortable environment is always our most important priority.

Nitrous Oxide - Toronto DentistryNitrous is delivered through a simple, scented nosepiece that will provide a feeling of slight numbness, security and warmth. It is rare that anyone truly "laughs" as the name implies, but nearly everyone experiences a level of pleasant euphoria. Many patients ask if they can take some home! Near the completion of your dental care, we will provide you with 100% oxygen to reverse the effects of the nitrous oxide. Within a few minutes you are ready to independently resume your normal activities.

With patients who have severe apprehension, nitrous oxide is used in conjunction with oral medication to produce a deeper level of sedation. If you feel nitrous oxide alone would not be adequate for you to be comfortable for your dental visits, see our section on Sedation Dentistry. Contact us today at 416-800-2542 for a sedation dentistry consultation.

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